Weight Loss Surgery and its Types



The weight loss surgeries are meant to reduce the weight by cutting down the fat deposits and reducing the food intake in the stomach causing the weight loss. It can therefore reduce the nutrients and calories intake in your body, which brings in the weight loss results in the body. The weight loss surgeries are of different types. These are often seen bringing out the hormonal changes in order to give you the needful. A majority of weight loss procedures today are carried out with the minimally invasive approaches. These include the common ones like gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric band, and biliopancreatic procedure and sleeve Gastrectomy. Let’s check these out as under:

 Gastric Bypass Surgery

These procedures are also known as Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, which are among the most preferred ones. The gastric bypass surgery works on several mechanisms. First one is very much similar to most bariatric procedures, which are newly created stomach pouch that are considerably smaller and expedites good amount of smaller meals that translates over the less calories consumed options. Also, due to less digestion of food with small stomach pouch in it, there is a segment intestine that would usually absorb calories and nutrients to see the needful. This procedure has a number of benefits, which include long terms weight loss results, limits the food that retains weight loss and have less number of things to be done to maintain the results. As far as demerits are concerned it is a complex procedure to consider and may lead to vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Laparoscopic Banding 

This weight loss surgery works on a laparoscopic approach, which is among the minimally invasive procedures for obesity treatment. It is done with small size incisions along with inserting the laparoscope that carries the camera in it giving the doctor the proper image of inside thus helping him or her to carry out the procedure. The surgeon leaves behind a small pouch that will restrict the food intake in your body, which will eventually help in losing the weight. This procedure has a number of benefits, which others may not have, which include small size incisions over the stomach area, simpler surgery procedure, faster recovery and other similar benefits, which give both the surgeons and patients to consider the laparoscopic banding.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

This procedure deals with removing a good amount (80 percent of stomach) leaving behind the banana shape tubular pouch. Again unlike the above procedures, this can be carried out with different mechanisms. Mostly, the procedure is carried out by inserting a stomach pouch that holds a good amount of small volume than the normal ones that help in reducing good amount of food intake. The greater is the restriction of food the better is the result of the surgery. This procedure has a number of benefits, which include restricting the amount of food inside the stomach, it needs small amount of hospital stay and lastly it gives the most favorable chances one needs. As far as the demerits are concerned, it is non reversible procedure, which has the risk of giving long term vitamin deficiencies.

Biliopancreatic Diversions

This procedure is also known with two components  -first comes in the form of smaller and tubular stomach pouch that is created by simply removing the portion of the stomach, which is very much similar to the idea of sleeve Gastrectomy. The next portion of the surgery deals with a large portion of a small intestine that has to be bypassed. This procedure has a number of benefits, which include getting the best results as compared to the above procedures, it helps the patients to consume the normal meals, it reduces the absorption of fat by 70%, it causes favorable changes in the gut hormones in order to reduce appetite. Talking about the demerits, it is among the complex procedure to consider and it requires longer hospital stay.



These are among the different types of weight loss surgeries, which can be considered to get rid of the extra weight with ease and care.

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MP cop Daulatram Jogawat sheds 20 kg after Weight Loss Surgery in Mumbai

Daulatram Jogawat after weight loss surgery at saifee hospital mumbai

Obesity is no more a sign of prosperity in any society in India or other countries. After all obesity has been the cause to a number of medical conditions, which even include the severe ones like Type II Diabetes, Cardiac problems and hypertension, which can further lead to other issues. It also reduces the productivity of the person along with bringing in a number of other issues as well. Hence it is regarded as a taboo thing in police forces. Hence when an MP based police inspector Daulatram Jogawat was tweeted by socialite and author Shobhaa De in a form of a satire over the microblogging site, he was offered a solution in the form of weight loss surgery in Mumbai and the doctor from this city went ahead to carry out the surgery called laparoscopic banded roux en y gastric bypass surgery to make him free from this menace. Now, let’s check his recent case, which made him at the limelight in the following paragraphs:

The Case of Daulatram Jogawat

As per the recent buzz, the MP based police officer underwent the weight loss surgery in Mumbai. The medical team led by a Mumbai based doctor had chosen laparoscopic banded roux en y gastric bypass surgery to fix his obesity problem. The cop is able to shed 20 kilos from his body and is currently weight around 160 kgs. He is also suffering from the condition called diabetes, which led the slow and low weight loss. So, considering the humiliation hurled by the lady author, the surgeon from Mumbai based at the popular hospital called Saifee had invited the police officer for the weight loss surgery in Mumbai wherein he got the laparoscopic banded roux en y gastric bypass surgery. The police officer is from a place in Madhya Pradesh called Neemuch and was discharged from the said place last month on 7th March.

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Digging deep into the weight loss surgery in Mumbai for the police officer

If you check the details of the weight loss surgery in Mumbai given to the police officer, he was given to laparoscopic banded roux en y gastric bypass surgery and he was then kept on liquid diet. When the press asked him to explain his experiences about the weight loss surgery in Mumbai, he said that he is really feeling really great after the laparoscopic banded roux en y gastric bypass surgery. He said that he is feeling light after having the weight loss surgery in Mumbai. With the surgery he has lost 20 kilos and this makes him feel good and it has added a new hope in his life. He further informed that he is relaxing and enjoying the prescribed diet by the hospital.

Talking about resuming his work in police station, he said that he is currently on a sick leave and will join his duties the moment he recovers from the laparoscopic banded roux en y gastric bypass surgery. The tentative date of his joining will be on 8th April, which might extend if he is unable to completely recover from the weight loss surgery in Mumbai. The SP of his area Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh who seems to be aware about the development of the case of Jogawat too informed about the developments saying that he is doing well and claimed that he has been supporting him morally and thus have been interacting with the patient on a regular basis. The SP further said that it is a big lesson for all to be in their limits when it comes to diet and thus can easily take care of the physical fitness. The police officer has been recommended to consume only a healthier diet, which will include the leafy vegetables, fibre-based food and fruits.

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Best Breast Implant in India – The Favoured Destination of Malawi, Angola, Chad and Congo Patients

Breast Implant in India : Overview

Best Breast Implant in India

One can call the breast implant to be prostheses, which is simply used to change the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. The best breast implant in India is also as breast augmentation procedure apart from having the names like breast enlargement, augmentation Mammoplasty, mammoplasty enlargement, or the most common term the boob job for cosmetic reasons. It helps in reconstructing the breast simply to correct the congenital chest wall deformities or like an aspect of male-to-female gender transition. If you are keen to get the Best Breast Implant in India make sure you pursue the same at top hospitals like Fortis Hospital India. Time to dig in deep about this surgery in the following paragraphs:

Lowest Cost Best Breast Implant in India

Lowest Cost Best Breast Implant in India

If you talk about cost about the Best Breast Implant in India, it is regarded as an affordable preposition. Even if you are considering the surgery here in a top Indian hospital like Fortis Hospital India, you end up paying a very affordable cost at least as compared to the developed nations like the US or the UK. If you talk about the cost of the Best Breast Implant in India even at the top hospitals like Fortis Hospital India, it can cost you around 2,833 USD while the same procedure can be carried out in developed nations like the US to around 14,000 USD.

Skilled Cosmetic/ Plastic Surgeons Available in All Metro Cities of India

Skilled Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons available in all metro Cities of India

When it comes to finding skilled cosmetic or plastic surgeons in India there is no dearth to the same. If you are considering Best Breast Implant in India at top Fortis Hospital India there is certainly no dearth of top plastic surgeons and skilled cosmetic surgeons found in the metro cities. The surgeons are highly educated and skilled enough to give the global patients the best both in terms of healthcare services and other things. They have a huge exposure and experience that offer high quality cosmetic or plastic surgeries that not only come out to be the best breast implant in India but at the same found at much of the affordable cost.

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Why Fortis Hospital for your Breast Implant Treatment in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore?

Why Fortis Hospital for your Breast Implant treatment in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore

Fortis Hospital India is regarded as the best place to carry out a wide range of healthcare services, which certainly include the Best Breast Implant in India. well, the fact is, with Fortis Hospital found in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, one can find these hospitals having the state of art facilities, which is meant to give the global patients coming from places like Malawi, Angola, Chad and Congo the best of the healthcare services including the cosmetic surgeries. These hospitals have one of the best medical staff especially the doctors and surgeons dealing with plastic or cosmetic surgeries, which together give enough reasons to prosper their pursuit.

Why India is the Favoured Destination of Malawi, Angola, Chad and Congo Patients for Breast Implant Treatment?

Why India is the Favoured Destination of Malawi, Angola, Chad and Congo Patients for Breast Implant treatment?

When it comes to Best Breast Implant in India, there are number of benefits attached to the same provided you get the same at top hospitals like Fortis Hospital India. This is perhaps the key reason why more and more global patients from places like Malawi, Chad, Congo and Angola. Time to check some of the key benefits as under:

  1. India offers high Quality and affordable treatment at low cost : The Indian hospitals giving Best Breast Implant in India at top hospitals like Fortis Hospital India are known to offer high quality healthcare and cosmetic surgery services with high quality. Interestingly, these healthcare services available at much affordable prices as compared to the highly developed nations like the US and the UK.
  2. No waiting period for treatment : The Best Breast Implant in India is available at Fortis Hospital India is known to have come without any wait time, which means you can seek surgery at any point of time as you wish.
  3. Availability of advanced Equipment’s and technologies : The top hospitals like Fortis Hospital India dealing with surgeries like Best Breast Implant in India is well equipped with top facilities and features, which are governed by state of art facilities.
  4. Availability of medical experts always : The Indian hospitals like Fortis Hospital India are known to have one of the best cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons having loads of experience, expertise and competence.
  5. Ease of coordination : Managing a surgery like the Best Breast Implant in India even at the Fortis Hospital India for global patients need a proper coordination of resources, which is very well done by here.
  6. Surgery Quality is the Key : Quality has remained the main USP for the global patients who consider the Best Breast Implant in India after all they get the same at top Fortis Hospital India.

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Medical Tourism in India : Factors that Positively Impact on Surgical Tourism


surgical tourism india

Medical tourism in India is most preferred by the global patients as it has less waiting periods, lower costs and offers a vacation post operation while you are out of your country of origin to receive healthcare. Earlier patients travelled from developing countries to developed countries for receiving various treatments. Currently, this trend has reversed.

With rise of medical tourism in India, we are attracting it on a large scale. About 1.27 million medical tourists from Sri Lanka, UK, China, Bangladesh, US, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. have visited India. Medical tourism in India play a significant role and  ranked one of the top 3 Asian medical tourism destination.

The reasons why India is gaining importance as a popular medical destination are:

Medical Tourism in India

Quality Health and Medical Care

Medical tourism in India offers quality health and medical care to patients from across the world. We ensure to offer excellent treatments from the hands of highly skilled medical professionals providing health and medical care exceeds the international standards.

Cheaper International Tourism

Medical tourism in India is considered as a cheaper international tourism for the medical tourists from abroad.

Excellent Pharmaceutical Industries

India ranks at third position for excellent pharmaceutical industries in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value.

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Top 3 Indian states most visited (about 55%) for medical treatments and health care are:

The top 3 Indian states most visited by medical tourists are:

  • Maharashtra- 28.5%
  • Tamil Nade- 15.7%
  • Delhi- 10.6%

Other states are Uttar Pradesh at 9.4%, Rajasthan at 7.2%, West Bengal at 6.7%, Kerala at 3.7%, Bihar at 3.6%, Himachal Pradesh at 3.5% and Goa at 2.5%.

Major factors that positively impact medical tourism in India

Major factors that positively impact medical tourism in India

The major factors having positive impacts on medical tourism in India are what attracts many international medical tourists seeking their medical and healthcare treatments in India. Let us now check out the major factors that positively impact the medical tourism in India.

Cost Effective

India charges lower cost for medical treatments as compared to what other countries charges the medical tourists. The coronary angioplasty will cost $41,000 in the US, $11,250 in Sinagpore, $4,150 in Thailand and only $3,500 in India while hip replacement will cost $24,000 in the US, $15,000 in Singapore, $10,000 in Thailand and only $6,300 in India.

High Quality

Quality matter a lot when it comes to medical field and high quality is what makes India a favourite medical tourism destination. Our doctors are thorough professionals, nurses are trained and experienced. They use high standard surgical instruments and quality medicines to provide better quality services to our medical tourists.

Service and Infrastructure

We offer excellent medical care standards with services like medical care, admission and discharge procedure, diet care, nursing care and other admin facilities to our medical tourists. This speak volumes why medical tourism in India is most discuss about. The state of the art specialty hospitals have excellent infrastructure with technological advancements of latest machines and instruments.

Availability of Treatments and Therapies

Treatments and therapies in India are available unlike the other countries where one or other treatment is banned by the government. An examples for this is the stem cell based therapies which are common treatment but not available in the US due to strict rules and regulations of their government.

Tourism, in general

Tourism, in general

India is a country with historical importance and excellent natural features. Medical tourists visiting India for treatments take this opportunity to visit few places such as Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala, Delhi, etc. This way they kill two birds with a stone. General tourism along with medical tourism in India is a tremendous money and time saver.

Other factors that have positive impact on medical tourism in India are:

  • As English is widely used in India, there is no language barrier.
  • Visa rules in India are quite relaxed as compared to other countries hence patients on medical tour are granted visa easily.
  • Not much wait period for patients on medical tourism in India.
  • Patients can chose from various affordable treatment options being offered in India.

Contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to get positive impact on surgical and medical tourism in India.

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Cost of Gastric Balloon Surgery

COST OF Gastric Balloon Surgery

Gastric Balloon Overview

The gastric balloon surgery in India aims to reduce your weight by decreasing your hunger. It helps you to feel fuller even if you are having small amount of meals. This weight loss treatment aids to reduce the excess weight without any type of invasive surgery.


             1. STATES WITH THE LOWEST Gastric Balloon PRICES

The price varies by state so the states with the lowest gastric balloon surgery prices are Goa with $9,795, Mumbai with $11,935 and Delhi with $11,760.

            2. STATES WITH THE HIGHEST Gastric Balloon PRICES

The price varies by state so the states with the highest gastric balloon surgery prices are Bangalore with $24,920, Chennai at $31,150 and Gurgaon with $22,250.


There are lot of considerations when choosing the gastric balloon surgery in India including where you will have your surgery, who will perform it and how much you will be willing to pay? All these questions play a significant role in your final decision to have gastric balloon surgery in India and price is just a single factor. Since it is a weight loss procedure, you do not want to sacrifice surgeon skill over price.

                1. Does A Lower Price Mean My Surgeon Is Less Skilled?

A low price doesn’t always indicate that the surgeon operating is a small amount masterful than a better priced surgeon. The value of surgery includes the hospital cost hence the surgeon will opt to the profit of the rating and increase his/her price. There are certain surgeons who have more high value to supply their patient’s rock bottom potential value. As a result of this, they bring additional patients and therefore the inflated variety of patients will offset any loss in value per case. Since value doesn’t have a right away relationship with the surgeon’s skill, therefore choose a surgeon you’ll love first and take into account value as second.

How to find Best Surgeon for Gastric Balloon Surgery

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India aids the international patients seeking gastric balloon surgery in India from the best surgeon. We have highly qualified, well trained and experienced surgeons who take care of all the needs of our patients. We offer low cost of gastric balloon surgery in India. The surgeons and our medical staff understand the needs of our patients and offer excellent care and best budget price for gastric balloon surgery in India.


When opting for gastric balloon surgery in India, you must additionally choose to amend your way. Do not expect to stay equivalent habits just you had before surgery and success slim down. The prices can in all probability increase post surgery. The food prices may increase that means even when you’ll be ingesting less, you should ingest healthier and sometimes the additional prices may occur. Maximize each bite of food by choosing the healthiest choice provided with the foremost energy. You may consider a gym membership, new garments, nutritional supplements and cosmetic surgery as well.

Most surgeons suggest the super molecule supplements after surgery which will bear additional costs. As you start shrinking post gastric balloon surgery, you will need to shop for new garments in order to blow your own horns with your new self. Some individuals may need to get rid of the excess skin post surgery.

Contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to know the cost of gastric balloon surgery. Send us your inquiry and our team will help you with arrangements for your medical trip by sending your medical visas, flight ticket booking arrangements, food and accommodation, etc.

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Best Obesity Surgeon in India operate on ‘500kg’ Egyptian women coming to Mumbai For Unexpected Operation



The world’s heaviest person, 500 kg women from Egypt, Iman Ahmad Abdulati has not left her house in 25 years. Now she will be stepping out for the first time as she will be to fly to Mumbai for a life saving surgery from Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, best obesity surgeon in India who will help her lose weight and regain her life. She had already smashed all world records at 500 kgs but has not made it to the Guiness Book of World Record yet. And if all this goes well, then she never will.

The 36 year old suffered from acute obesity since birth. Over a span of years, her condition went from bad to worse and cause her a stroke in her early childhood. For the last 13 years, she has been bed-ridden and completely dependent on her family for all her requirements including feeding and bathing. Doctors in Egypt diagnosed her with Elephantiasis which causes extreme swelling in the limbs and arms of a person. As she kept gaining weight, her sister began to write to doctors across the globe and searching someone who could save her life.

Iman was diagnosed with elephantiasis from an early age

Eventually, her family’s prayers were answered by the best obesity surgeon in India, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala. As per him, she suffered from acute obesity and believes that surgery will give her the life she always wanted.

Visa problems

Her weight has nearly got in the way again, when her family realized that they wouldneed to take to the embassy to get the visa. She cannot move due to her condition and her weight. But the Indian Embassy in Cairo wasn’t ready to accept this as the officers thought that the family was bluffing and asked them to bring Iman here to scan her fingerprint. They didn’t pay any heed to the family’s request which let to rejection of her visa.

Sushma saves the day


It was the Union Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj who came forward for her rescue. Lakdawala tweeted on Monday about the plight of the patient. The minister who herself was undergoing treatment at AIIMS in Delhi, replied immediately and hence Iman’s medical visa got approved the same afternoon. The best obesity surgeon in India triumphantly said that now she will be flying to Mumbai this week.

Medical marvel

Considering the weight of Iman, surgery will be quite risky. However, if it is successful, then it will be nothing short of a medical miracle.

Her life is at risk and she is a living time bomb. Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, Best obesity surgeon in India should take special precautions to ensure that there are no problems in the lung or the risk of a blood clot.

He is now planning a series of surgeries over the span of a year and contemplating to use balloon procedure or sleeve surgery. The first surgery itself will not lead to much weight loss but after two to three years, he anticipates that she could loose as much as 400kgs.

Special arrangements


Iman is 500kgs and she does not travel light and therefore several special arrangements will be made to bring her here to Mumbai. According to the best obesity surgeon in India, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, a private chartered flight will be arranged as we can’t bring her in a normal plane due to her heavy weight. Additionally, a special bed will be made on which she will be carried out of her house into the aircraft.

Challenges Dr Muffazal Lakdawala are likely to face for Eman’s surgery?

Challenges Dr Muffazal Lakdawala are likely to face for Eman’s surgery

As per Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, her has operated on 300kg person so far so this case is quite challenging since we also have to manage a number of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc, that may lead to complications for the surgery. Eman has asthma, diabetes, pulmonary embolism, sleep apnea and hypertension so that is a great challenge. To get complete details of Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala contact at drmuffazallakdawala@cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com or at +91-9373055368.

Bottom line

Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India has been aiding the foreign patients to get their weight loss surgery from the best obesity surgeon in India. Send us your query to know more about Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala, the best obesity surgeon in India.

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Tummy Tuck Surgery in India : Making Christmas Wishes Comes True at Goa



Obesity is often called as a menace in big way both in terms of looks and health perspective. There are several ways of reducing your weight both surgical and non-surgical methods. When all the non-surgical procedures fail then surgical procedures like Tummy Tuck Surgery in India comes into picture. The reasons for choosing the Tummy Tuck Surgery in India could be many. One of the vital reasons to consider the Tummy Tuck Surgery at Goa in India is that the global patients get high quality healthcare services at much of the affordable cost. India has one of the best hospitals and highly qualified doctors who render some of the best of the healthcare services and cosmetic procedure with much of the affordable cost. Well, time to dig in deep to get the Tummy Tuck Surgery in India in the following paragraphs:

What Tummy Tuck Surgery?

If we talk about Tummy Tuck Surgery at Goa in India, it is a cosmetic procedure which deals with reducing the weight in terms of losing the weight and getting the right shape. Tummy tuck surgery in India has been the ray of hope for the global patients in a big way. This is a surgical procedure, which is a blend of cosmetic and medical procedure carried out usually to shape up the body to get the aesthetic appeal for the people. With every passing day the world is becoming competitive and par in terms of both beauty and sharpness, which bring in these procedures giving the right kind of body shape giving you the high quality healthcare services. Tummy Tuck Surgery in India comes as a ray of hope for the people who want to shape up their body along with boosting up the beauty or smartness back to the place.

Why Tummy Tuck Surgery?


Well, there could be a couple of reasons to consider Tummy Tuck surgery in India and one of the vital ones include shaping up the body with great care and professionalism. This end up boosting up the aesthetic value of the body along with reducing the weight that help in averting the health issues like hypertension, Type I or II Diabetes and many more serious ailments that make things bad to worse. Thus the reasons to consider Tummy Tuck Surgery at Goa in India could be manifold, which include both medically and cosmetic reasons. The ideal candidate for the Tummy Tuck Surgery in India is the one who is not only obese but has the body with a improper shape. In a sense it can serve a number of purposes for sure hence the surgery renders you enough reasons to consider the same.

Reasons to Consider Tummy Tuck Surgery at Goa in India


The global patients looking for high quality services at affordable find Tummy Tuck Surgery in India to be the most appropriate. In terms of facilities and features, the Indian hospitals catering the Tummy Tuck Surgery at Goa in India are par with the ones found in the developed nations like the US or the UK. The hospitals have highly competitive doctors and surgeons who are known for their high rated results. They are highly qualified and skilled to perform a number of cosmetic procedures including the Tummy Tuck Surgery in India. In terms of cost, the Tummy Tuck Surgery at Goa in India is very much affordable especially when you compare the same with the developed nations like the US or the UK. Since Goa is a tourist place, hence considering the Tummy Tuck Surgery in India give you a decent holiday option which the global patients can enjoy with ease and delight.

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Christmas Holiday Season Brings Cosmetic Industry Boom with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap


Christmas Holiday Season Brings Cosmetic Industry Boom with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

India is regarded as one of the best place for healthcare services be it cosmetics or any other ailment based services, the country ranks better in medical tourism now. It is now attracting the global patients far and wide thanks to the huge amount of investment that has taken place in this sector making things better and effective for them. The Indian hospitals are simply the best in terms of state of art facilities and top features, which are hard to find out at any other country in the East. The cosmetic hospitals in India have been attracting global patients all across the world. Thanks to the highly experienced and best cosmetic surgeon India like Dr. Ajaya Kashyap who are known for their best results with quality services. In fact, Dr. Ajaya Kashyap have been attracting global patients far and wide after he happens to be the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India, how about getting a closer look to him and his work as under:

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India an introduction

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

Looking at the profile of Dr. Ajaya Kashyap will help you understand the fact as to how he has become the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India. He is gifted with high caliber skills and experience in carrying out a wide range of cosmetic surgeries. These include the face surgery, breast augmentation surgery, body contouring procedures, reconstructive surgeries and many more other anti-aging procedures. Choosing the cosmetic surgeon is really important when it comes to choosing any cosmetic surgery. But thanks to the presence of Dr. Ajaya Kashyap the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India more and more global patients are getting attracted towards him. He has an experience of more than 25 years of exposure and his surgical experience speaks a lot as the matter of fact, he has worked in a wide range of places including working in abroad in India with bigger and better groups. He is the part of American Society of Plastic Surgery which makes him the only Indian for the same. Get more details about Dr. Ajaya Kashyap by sending mail at drajayakashyap@cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com or by just making a phone call at our international number +91-9373055368.

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India- Experience & Expertise

Dr. Ajaya Kashyap has his masters in plastic surgery along with having exposure and training at the best places in India and abroad. Many of his degrees hail from the western world wherein he has served at the eminent hospitals all over the global including the top group like Medspa Plastic Surgery Group apart from working at the University of Massachusetts Medical School wherein he had served as an assistant professor at the same apart from working at different places in the US. His career is filled with number of applauds and accolades but has never had the same in his mind. All these years he has been recognized and applauded for his contribution in plastic surgery making him the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India.

For Free Consultation with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap Contact at : 


Why choose Cosmetic Surgery with Dr. Ajaya Kashyap the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India?

This coming Christmas if you are willing to have a cool holiday with family and friends to get the best of the festive time, you can certainly rely on Dr. Ajaya Kashyap as the matter of the fact that he is simply the best cosmetic surgeon in India. Well it is high time you get rid of the physical ailments seeking different plastic surgeries. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap  has come a long way to establish himself to be the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in India. He has worked in a wide range of hospitals including both in India and abroad that too at the best hospitals, which has given him the best exposure amidst state of art facilities and methods. Above all, considering any plastic surgery from Dr. Ajaya Kashyap who happens to be the best cosmetic surgeon in India one can get high quality with greater affordability element.

Know in detail about Dr. Ajaya Kashyap

Best Plastic Surgeon in India : Get an Appointment with Dr. Milind Wagh For Plastic Surgery in India

Introduction of Best Plastic Surgeon in India

Dr. Milind Wagh is the best plastic surgeon in India who is a qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience of over 17 years. He performs the entire spectrum of the cosmetic surgical procedures inclusing the rhinoplasties, face-lifts, blepharoplasties, ear shaping and other facial cosmetic surgeries, body contouring and cosmetic breast surgery. Dr. Milind Wagh specializes in surgical facial rejuvenation, body-sculpting procedures and breast shaping.

Dr. Milind Wagh The best plastic surgeon in India is a full member of the Internaitonal Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which is the apex body for qualified and trained cosmetic surgeons across the globe. He has been the ETHICON professor in the Cosmetic Surgery at Association of the Plastic Surgeons in India for 2009-2010. Dr. Milind Wagh is Deputy Editor of the Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery for the last five years.

The best plastic surgeon in India started doing the cosmetic surgery in 200 while still doing a considerable amount of Reconstructive work. Now, his practice involves 95% of cosmetic surgery and 5% of reconstructive surgery. The latter entails the most complex and difficult cases  and thanks to his extensive experience and sublime skills Dr. Milind Wagh is considered as the best plastic surgeon in India. He is also the pioneers in India for body re-contouring procedures following the Massive Weight Loss after bariatric procedures or dietary control. For free consultation with Dr. Milind Wagh contact us at waghmilind@cosmeticandobesitysurgeryhospitalindia.com or call to get your appointment at +919373055368.

Dr. Wagh has successfully operated on patients from five continents and 33 countries around the world. These include several patients from USA, Mexico, Italy, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Burundi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Oman, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan and Korea.


  • MBBS
  • S (General Surgery)
  • Ch (Plastic Surgery)

Services from the best plastic surgeon in India

  • Hair Transplantation
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Breast Reduction / Lift
  • Correction of Male Breast
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck

Special Expertise

  • Reconstructive Hand and Microsurgery AND Trauma Reconstruction
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Services and Facilities at Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India

Our services and facilities at Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India ensure to make our patients feel safe and comfortable while they are on their medical trip in India. Other services include:

  • Access the excellent medical panel at the top cosmetic and obesity clinics and hospitals across the country
  • High success rate of best plastic surgeon in India, Dr. Milind Wagh for plastic surgery
  • Low cost of cosmetic procedures and surgeries in India
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  • Help the patient with paper work of Medical Visa, accommodation, etc.
  • Discuss with the patient about any possibility of touring some exotic tourist destinations in India so that they can plan their trip accordingly
  • Arrange for the attendants tours during the process of recuperation of the patient.
  • Keep in touch with the patients on a regular basis through emails even after they return back to their native country

If you are seeking excellent care and low cost plastic surgeon in India then Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India assists the patients to get appointment with the best plastic surgeon.

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Dr. Randeep Wadhawan at Fortis Hospital Delhi India has done Bariatric Surgery on Patient from the US


Hi, my name is Kristen, a 27 year old software professional from the US. A year ago, performing activities such as walking through turnstiles, fitting in a chair or getting in and out of the care were a major chore for me. At 387 pounds, my quality of life was progressively getting worse despite the fact I didn’t have diabetes or hypertension. After having failed attempts losing weight with diet changes, while looking for a better treatment option my doctor recommended to get bariatric surgery. However, the huge cost at my native place would prove heavy on my expenditure. One of my colleague, suggested me about this medical tourism provider in India.

I went through the details on their website and impressed with them, send my inquiry to know more information regarding the primary formalities. Within two days, I got a call from their executive explaining about the visa, accommodation, travel arrangements, cost of bariatric surgery, etc. while travelling for this medical trip to India. They also provided me with information about their best hospital Fortis Hospital Delhi India and the best surgeon Dr. Randeep Wadhawan. I went through the information carefully and got convinced with them.

I availed the free consultation with Dr. Randeep Wadhawan, the top bariatric surgeon India. They also provided me with the instructions for the pre bariatric treatment in India. After going through the cost benefits of bariatric surgery in India along with the condition which was best package since the cost was only a fraction of the cost in the US, soon, I gave them my confirmation. My friend accompanied me through this medical trip to India.

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The team of medical tourism group sent their official to receive us at the airport. We were taken to the accommodation and the next day, we were escorted to the Fortis Hospital Delhi India. We met the surgeon, Dr. Randeep Wadhawan, who was a kind person and explained us about how to expect throughout the bariatric surgery. My surgery went well. The hospital stay was between one to three days. The time to recover for the surgery was about three to five weeks.

The post operative care included following diet instruction from the dietician who modified the diet for the first four weeks. I was asked to adhere with liquid diet for the first two weeks and provided with written instructions. Post two week liquid diet, my diet was updated to puree food. My dietician guided through this phase and after four weeks of the surgery, instructed to upgrade onto the solid foods. By this time, I become familiar with the new eating patterns and behaviours as well as feelings and signals from my stomach.

The preoperative care tips included planning three well balanced meals a day to avoid eating snacks in between the meals, eating solid foods that fill the stomach thereby relieving hunger. Eating small portions at a time and eating food very slowly such that a meal should last for 20 to 30 minutes. Avoiding fatty and high calorie foods and was asked to stop eating when I felt fuller. The success rate of bariatric surgery was higher in India.

Although bariatric surgery is not a quick fix but it helped towards my weight loss journey through some lifestyle changes. I have had a wonderful experience losing my weight and gaining back my life. I can never thank Dr. Randeep Wadhawan at Fortis Hospital Delhi India enough to give me a life and I owe you all so much.

Thanking You,



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Rising Obesity in Pregnancy Increases the Risk for Mother and Child Both


Right Treatment During Pregnancy

The management of obesity in pregnancy will begin before, during and post pregnancy. However, there is very limited proof based on date showing how best to mitigate the adverse metabolic effects of obesity in mothers since rising obesity will increase the risk for moth and child both. There is a growing need to address the answers to the basic questions like what is the optimal diet, weight gain during pregnancy for mother. Until a comprehensive potentially personalized life course will be instituted the efforts during pregnancy will aim to recognize the adverse effects of obesity in pregnancy for mother and child both.

Risks Of Rising Obesity For Mother And Child

Risks of rising obesity for mother and child

Obesity is related to reduced fertility and pregnancies which are complicated by the maternal obesity will have adverse outcomes. The adverse effects include instrumental and caesarean births, gestational diabetes, pre-term birth, pre-eclampsia, infections and post-partum hemorrhage.

How To Reduce The Risks Of Obesity In Pregnancy?

Physical Activity During Pregnancy

Lifestyle modifications such as physical activity, healthy eating and behavioural modifications during pregnancy will have limited benefits to improve the adverse effects of obesity. However, there is an exception to reduce the excessive gestational weight gain on an average of two to five pounds in obese women. These recommendations were based on a worldwide impact of obesity in pregnancy and there is no doubt we could see an increasing pregnancy-related issues due to obesity.

The medical and obstetric management of obese women is focused to identify, address and prevent the associated complications. It has been a dauting challenge considering the highest percentage of patients with obesity and only a few therapeutic options that are proven to improve the outcomes.

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

There are no standard quidelines for managing obesity in pregnancy. As per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologosts, all pregnant women should follow a healthy diet and consider at least half an hour of the moderate physical activity every day during pregnancy. Obese pregnant women represent a relatively new high risk population which call for the development of additional tools helping women to reduce these risks before, during and after pregnancy.

The study carried by the Case Western scientists determine whether the lifestyle changes initiated in the post-partum period to help reduce the risks for woman in next pregnancy. There were almost three overweight or obese women of childbearing age for each underweight women. The clinicians worked with the formed by offering the pre-conception weight management for improving their metabolic health and fertility which reduced the early loss of a pregnancy.

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Screening For Pregnant Women Who Are Obese

There should be screening for diabetes. Pregnant women should be instructed on how to maintain a healthy gestational weight gain through exercise and healthy. As per the studies about 50 to 60 percent obese women will gain more weight during pregnancy than recommended. The clinicians will also screen for the fetal structural problems.

Lady Coming for Screening at Our Clinic

During mid-pregnancy, the clinicians will screen for the gestational diabetes and pre-clampsia and at the end of pregnancy, a fetal overgrowth assessment will be done. The labor and delivery team should be aware of the rising obesity in pregnancy and its increased risk for a caesarean delivery. As per studies, the induction failure rate is twice high in the obese women as compared to women who have entered pregnancy with a healthy weight. Obese women in the post-partum period are at higher risk for depression, venous thromboembolism and difficulty with lactation.

New mothers struggling with obesity also find it difficult to breastfeed their child. The beginning of life course to reduce obesity in adolescence and the post partum period are best opportunity to ensure moving towards healthy body weight and life styles for subsequent pregnancy affecting the whole family. Further there is more evidence that offspring of the obese mothers are at higher risk of excessive weight during childhood.


It is therefore important to reduce the risk factors related to the rising obesity in pregnant women and their child providing the best diet. There is a growing need to manage a healthy weight gain during pregnancy worldwide. Contact Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India to get more information about the rising obesity in pregnancy and the risks in mother and child.

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