NGO Activist from Canada gets cosmetic surgery done from the best cosmetic surgeon in India


Carol Amway from Canada was recently here in Goa India for her cosmetic procedure. She planned her trip all the way from Toronto, Canada to fix her face and irregular signs seen over her body seeking the help of best cosmetic surgeon in India. Since planning her cosmetic surgery back in Canada or in US was an expensive affair, hence while finding for a quality and affordable healthcare services she looked out for an overseas option and soon landed up to the site, which informed that Indian hospitals are the best in terms of quality and services. Now, hear in her own language what she has to say about the services she has received seeking best cosmetic surgeon in India.

The more I researched about the cosmetic surgery in India the more I got convinced that Indian hospitals are the best to go for the aesthetic procedures, which I have been keen to get. After all these hospitals have the best cosmetic surgeon in India, which leave no stone unturned to keep things right for the global patient. The other reason to consider India for the said surgery is that this place is rich in terms of having one of the best tourist place in the East be it the heritage sites like Taj and Red Fort or the number of picturesque places in Goa and Kerala, which become the key attractions for the global patients.

Luckily I came in touch with one of the best health tourism company in India, which not only helped me to get the visa but at the same time helped me to gain the access to the best cosmetic surgeon in India along with the top cosmetic surgery hospitals, which is known to have one of the top healthcare infrastructure backed by highly competitive medical force that simply assure quality services at much of the affordable cost. In fact, what really attracted me to the Indian hospitals is the availability of high quality and affordable healthcare services, which is nowhere present in the overseas option for cosmetic surgery. They have the team of best cosmetic surgeon in India along with top hospitals dealing with cosmetic surgeries and other options in the country.

Thus choosing the best cosmetic surgeon in India for my said surgery wise indeed a wise decision and I would certainly recommend one and all the same after all you get high quality cosmetic surgeries at much of the affordable cost, which is a rare combination to get in the east.