Low Cost Obesity Surgery in India makes Medical Tour to India a welcome decision for Zambia Nationals

Low Cost Obesity Surgery in India

Low Cost Obesity Surgery in India


Often, we see a lot of obese people around us. We hear them complaining about the discomfort and also the see many suffering from the associated health hazards that come along with Obesity – like Heart problems, high Blood Pressure, Joint pains and many other problems. Obesity is an abnormal medical condition in which a person has a lot of, rather excess body fat or weight, than is recommended for a specific height. There are many reasons why this happens, can be genetic or hormonal influences, excessive intake of calories, absolute lack of physical exercise. So, when Obesity cannot be handled through non-surgical methods like dieting and exercise, the patient has to consider other weight loss options such as Bariatric surgeries.

Earlier the issue of Obesity was thought to be the problem of the developed countries but today it is quite prevalent in developing countries as well. For nations like Zambia, Obesity is a cumbersome problem. Also, there are not many treatment options available in Zambia and this is what has given a push to the number of medical visa to India for Zambia citizens.

Types of Obesity Surgery

Owing to the deficits in the healthcare sector in Zambia, several Zambians visit Indian Obesity hospitals every year for successfully getting relieved from that extra fat. All the options for low cost Obesity surgery in India are easily accessible for Zambian patients.

  1. Gastric Band – In this procedure, a band is placed near the stomach to form like a pouch. It restricts the amount of food a patient eats. Connected to a device, placed under the patients’ skin, the band is mostly placed around the middle of the patient’s chest. The band is tightened a few times to get the apt amount of tightness suitable for the patients. The procedure of tightening is a simple procedure and it doesn’t require anaesthesia.
  2. Gastric Bypass – During this procedure, surgeons use surgical staples to create a small pouch around the top of the stomach, which is then joined to the small intestine. This is done by bypassing the remnant portion of the stomach. This leads to low amount of food intake resulting in absorption of few calories.
  3. Sleeve Gastrectomy – This surgery is done by removing a portion of the stomach, making it smaller in size than it was before. So obviously, the patient feels full faster and can’t eat that much amount of food which he or she was capable of eating earlier.
  4. Intra-gastric Balloon – In this a soft balloon filled with air or salt water is inserted in the patient’s stomach. This is done using a thin tube that is passed down through the patient’s throat. Due to the presence of this balloon, the patient doesn’t feel hungry that much and thus food intake is limited. But this is a temporary method and the balloon is only there for a few months till the patient gets used to this kind of eating habits.
  5. Biliopancreatric Diversion – This is a less commonly used procedure owing to some of the side effects. But it does help in significant amount of weight loss. In this procedure, like Gastric Bypass, a small pouch is created and is connected to the small intestine. But this procedure, limits the amount of calorie intake much more than Gastric Bypass.
  6. vBloc Therapy – This procedure controls the patient’s hunger sensations. It is a minimally invasive procedure in which a pacemaker-like device is implanted that controls the quantity of food intake.
  7. AspireAssist – This procedure allows the removal of the consumed food from your stomach with the usage of a special implanted device. This helps to reduce your calorie intake. It is a minimally invasive and without any difficulty can be reversed if required.

Special Discounts for Zambia Patients

India is rapidly emerged as a very rewarding health tourism destination – be it the availability of top notch medical facilities, the chain of super speciality hospitals offering low cost Obesity surgery in India, highly skilled doctors. But it is especially the affordability, which is attracting more and more Zambian citizens and thus the ascending number of medical visa to India for Zambia citizens. Indian hospitals providing low cost Obesity surgery in India are a blessing for the Zambians. They are enjoying huge cost differences and special discounts on Obesity surgery packages. For example, the Lap Band surgery that costs $30,000 in USA, costs only $3000 in India. Further, the Gastric Sleeve surgery costing $28,700 in USA costs about 5,000 in India and also Gastric Bypass that costs a whopping $32,972 in USA, costs only $5,000 in India.

Facilities provided by Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospitals

As the leading player in the medical tourism industry, India has all the credentials required to satisfy the needs of the patients seeking low cost Obesity surgery in India.

  1. Internationally accredited hospitals with an array of Obesity cure options
  2. Highly proficient and renowned doctors and surgeons
  3. Immediate attention and individualized care
  4. Most modern and progressive treatment techniques
  5. No lengthy waiting periods
  6. Significant amount of cost savings owing to low cost Obesity surgery in India as
  7. compared to other nations
  8. Efficient and well trained support staff
  9. Fluent English speaking staff for better understanding


With the above mentioned advanced surgeries and best in class facilities provided by India, there is no doubt about the fast paced rise in the number of availed medical visa to India from Zambia citizens. Also, with the availability of medical visa assistance to Zambia Nationals, annually more and more Zambians are flocking to India for Obesity surgeries.

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