Amita ‘Indian Eman’ Loss 125kg weight after Bariatric Operation in India

Amita ‘Indian Eman’ Loss 125kg weight after bariatric operation in India

We remember lady from Egypt called Eman who was here in India in special arrangement via cargo flight. She was admitted inside the hospital in Mumbai and was carried out the treatment with weight loss surgery carried out by the best bariatric surgeon India. Now, she has proceeded to UAE for her further weight loss treatment. Now we hear another lady of 44 years of age called Amita Rajani who is now called the Indian Eman. She has lost the weight of around 175 kgs since she had her bariatric operation in India in the year 2015.  So, when she was asked about the weight loss story, she said she was around 300 kgs when she approached the Pune hospital and reported the obesity and she got the solution. Though all the eyes were seen over the lady Eman Ahmed from Egypt after having the weight loss surgery at the known Saifee Hospital who is a woman who has been struggling for weight loss thing from the last month she was seen losing good amount of weight from the body.

The lady from Egypt of age 36 years had a drastic reduction from the 500 KG, which her sister had informed the international media on September 2016. And now we hear a case of a 44 year old lady called Amita Rajani who has already lost her 175 kgs since she had gone her first weight loss surgery in 2015. The bariatric operation in India she had has given her a new lease of life claimed the lady who had been challenging her obesity problem for a while. In fact, she approached the doctors in Pune in April this year before she had been trying some other options. She said she was 300 kgs when the doctors and the best bariatric surgeon India had admitted her for the number of the treatment giving her relief from the menace. Now she has completed a month this week when she had her second weight loss surgery.

As per reports she now weighs around 125. She now says that her life has simply changed drastically. Until 2015, she had been confined in her bedroom and this had been going since past eight years as she has lived with her extra weight. In fact, her obesity has not allowed her to remain comfortable and she could barely walk or do anything she wanted. She further said that her life was miserable due to extra weight and used to require at least 3-4 people to make her stand. Today when she has lost her significant amount of weight, she can easily step out of her home day and do all the things which others can do. About her weighing story, she kept on gaining weight via all her teenager years, while her parents even consulted a doctor in London but could barely find any reason behind the growing obesity.

The action plan came against the obesity when her parents took her to London for the consultation however, no reasons could be found for the same. It was only due to her father’s death in the year 2014 she decided to do something about her extra weight. Now the Bariatric Surgeon called Dr. Shashank Shah who is regarded as the , best bariatric surgeon India who operated on her said that 7 percent of the super obesity require the second stage bariatric operation in India and other countries. He then said that such surgeries can ideally support the lady to lose 60 percent of the weight and Amita’s case was no exception. In fact, she will become stable reaching to the weight of 75 to 80 kgs in a year.

“It was only after my father passed away in 2014 that I got depressed and decided to do something about my weight.” Bariatric surgeon Dr Shashank Shah who operated on her said 7% of super obese people need second stage bariatric operation. “These surgeries should ideally help her lose 60% of her weight. Amita should stabilize between 75kg and 80kg in a year.

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