Medical Tourism in India : Factors that Positively Impact on Surgical Tourism


surgical tourism india

Medical tourism in India is most preferred by the global patients as it has less waiting periods, lower costs and offers a vacation post operation while you are out of your country of origin to receive healthcare. Earlier patients travelled from developing countries to developed countries for receiving various treatments. Currently, this trend has reversed.

With rise of medical tourism in India, we are attracting it on a large scale. About 1.27 million medical tourists from Sri Lanka, UK, China, Bangladesh, US, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. have visited India. Medical tourism in India play a significant role and  ranked one of the top 3 Asian medical tourism destination.

The reasons why India is gaining importance as a popular medical destination are:

Medical Tourism in India

Quality Health and Medical Care

Medical tourism in India offers quality health and medical care to patients from across the world. We ensure to offer excellent treatments from the hands of highly skilled medical professionals providing health and medical care exceeds the international standards.

Cheaper International Tourism

Medical tourism in India is considered as a cheaper international tourism for the medical tourists from abroad.

Excellent Pharmaceutical Industries

India ranks at third position for excellent pharmaceutical industries in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value.

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Top 3 Indian states most visited (about 55%) for medical treatments and health care are:

The top 3 Indian states most visited by medical tourists are:

  • Maharashtra- 28.5%
  • Tamil Nade- 15.7%
  • Delhi- 10.6%

Other states are Uttar Pradesh at 9.4%, Rajasthan at 7.2%, West Bengal at 6.7%, Kerala at 3.7%, Bihar at 3.6%, Himachal Pradesh at 3.5% and Goa at 2.5%.

Major factors that positively impact medical tourism in India

Major factors that positively impact medical tourism in India

The major factors having positive impacts on medical tourism in India are what attracts many international medical tourists seeking their medical and healthcare treatments in India. Let us now check out the major factors that positively impact the medical tourism in India.

Cost Effective

India charges lower cost for medical treatments as compared to what other countries charges the medical tourists. The coronary angioplasty will cost $41,000 in the US, $11,250 in Sinagpore, $4,150 in Thailand and only $3,500 in India while hip replacement will cost $24,000 in the US, $15,000 in Singapore, $10,000 in Thailand and only $6,300 in India.

High Quality

Quality matter a lot when it comes to medical field and high quality is what makes India a favourite medical tourism destination. Our doctors are thorough professionals, nurses are trained and experienced. They use high standard surgical instruments and quality medicines to provide better quality services to our medical tourists.

Service and Infrastructure

We offer excellent medical care standards with services like medical care, admission and discharge procedure, diet care, nursing care and other admin facilities to our medical tourists. This speak volumes why medical tourism in India is most discuss about. The state of the art specialty hospitals have excellent infrastructure with technological advancements of latest machines and instruments.

Availability of Treatments and Therapies

Treatments and therapies in India are available unlike the other countries where one or other treatment is banned by the government. An examples for this is the stem cell based therapies which are common treatment but not available in the US due to strict rules and regulations of their government.

Tourism, in general

Tourism, in general

India is a country with historical importance and excellent natural features. Medical tourists visiting India for treatments take this opportunity to visit few places such as Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala, Delhi, etc. This way they kill two birds with a stone. General tourism along with medical tourism in India is a tremendous money and time saver.

Other factors that have positive impact on medical tourism in India are:

  • As English is widely used in India, there is no language barrier.
  • Visa rules in India are quite relaxed as compared to other countries hence patients on medical tour are granted visa easily.
  • Not much wait period for patients on medical tourism in India.
  • Patients can chose from various affordable treatment options being offered in India.

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    The international patients travelling down to India for their medical treatments were 171,021 in 2012, 236,898 in 2013 and 184,298 in 2014. Medical visas will be granted within 48 hours after submission of the application in case of emergency. The government will set up the help desks and immigration counters to help the medical tourists.

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